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Review: Steve Camp’s  Abandoned to God


Thomas R. Fletcher


This CD is not an example of the cheap, inconsequential, made-for-the-market music being churned out by the Contemporary Christian Music industry. In fact, this CD stands as a prime example of the goal CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) should aspire to: true ministry.

Much of CCM is fluff, with such a lack of substance as to be embarrassing, but here is a piece of work that truly exalts Christ and His word.

Here one hears a prophetic voice, a clarion call for repentance and reformation within the church. It is a call the church in America desperately needs to hear and heed–a call to turn from the soft, comfortable, complacent Christianity found permeating much of American society. It is a call to turn from this admixture of the "American Dream," and the Gospel of Christ–a strange syncretism never intended by God. This CD stands as an indictment of the cushy-Christianity proclaimed from too many American pulpits.

For those of us who have dared proclaim the Word of God, some of the most piercing, convicting words are heard in "The Shepherd," where Camp proclaims: "Guard your calling with reverence, for God will not be mocked. Woe to the shepherds who care not for the sheep. Who starve us, amuse us, and lull us to sleep. Return to the duty that you swore at first. Woe to the shepherd, woe to the shepherd, who gives not his life for the sheep. The wolves are among us, yet you sound no alarm. They devour the weak and weaken the strong. You tickle our ears while we’re dying within. Sickness and addiction are your new words for sin. Search for the scattered, run to the lost. The faithful shepherd serves, no matter the cost."

The song, "The Ministry," captures the essence of the Health & Wealth Gospel heresy that pollutes the American airwaves: "Hucksters peddle God’s Word, it’s faith for a fee, selling peace and prosperity." In "The Mark of a Man of God," Camp holds forth the biblical standard of what a man of God is to be (while skillfully weaving the titles of several John MacArthur books into the lyrics). In the title track, "Abandoned to God," Camp expresses a prayer/desire worthy of every Christian. "Oh for a heart that loves the Lord, undivided, holy and pure. A workman unashamed, rightly dividing the Word. Counting all things loss–except for knowing Jesus. Just to bear the cross–sharing His sufferings, to glorify Jesus Christ my King. Abandoned to God, heart, soul, and mind. Surrendering every part of my life. This is my prayer, my solemn vow: just to be hopelessly, helplessly, faithfully abandoned to God."

If "The Cornerstone," were a sermon, it would be a doctrinal sermon, teaching biblical truth. "Now we’ve been redeemed: by grace alone, through faith alone, on the Word alone, because of Christ alone. He is our only hope; He is the Cornerstone," Camp echoes the great reformation call.

In my favorite track, "My America," the beautiful, haunting opening notes draw the listener in as Camp brings truth to bear on the state of our land and our need of God. "Every man does today what is right in his own eyes. The absolutes are obsolete–there is no wrong or right, and the talk show host is our "holy ghost," our conscience, and morality. Character means nothing and truth a commodity. So many search for peace in this troubled land, but the hope for this nation is found in nail-scarred hands. Where are you going my America? I hardly know you America. We need truth and justice to heal our land; love and honor for every man. Where faith in God stirs our hearts again. This is my America."

This CD stands as an example of what Christian music should be–that which exalts God and His Word, while calling His people to repentance and righteousness. Camp’s songs are informed and infused with the Word of God. Here is a CD that has reached beyond my expectations of today’s music. It is not entertainment. It is ministry. It has stirred revival within me. This CD exalts God and teaches Christians. It calls us beyond our fat, lazy, Christian comfort zones. It points us to a higher standard–God’s standard as revealed in His Word. I heartily recommend this CD.



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