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            Delivered via overnight express our Sockeye Salmon arrived in perfect condition.  According to SEABEAR literature, this fish was caught using an ancient form of fishing: reef net fishing as practiced by Native Americans centuries ago.


            There are only 11 licensed reef net fishing operations, all located in the Pacific Northwest in the waters of Puget Sound .  A "reef" is constructed using lines and flags strung between two stationary platforms.  As the tide runs in, salmon swim into the reef and are channel between the platforms and over netting.  When fish enter, the nets are raised and the fish slide onto the platforms and into a holding pen.  Once in the pen the fish continue to swim freely and without stress.  Any unintended fish taken in the catch are return to the open waters, unharmed.


            This form of fishing has a long history, is sustainable and environmentally responsible way of harvesting salmon.

            We greatly enjoyed our delicious salmon and highly recommend SEABEAR for your source of fresh salmon.

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